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MASRAMGROUP. PT MASRAMANDIRI . General supplier - Contractor-Manufacturing (Medium & Low Voltage Switchboard, Motor Control Center, Generator Control-Synchronizing, AMF, Capacitor Bank , Rectifier & Battery Charger)
PT Masramandiri
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Ibu Suzan R [Direktur/CEO/Manajer Umum]
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Jl. Lestari Elok Blok H6 No.1 Desa Pasirsari Lippo Cikarang
Bekasi 17550, Jawa Barat
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E-mail : masrammandiri@, Suzanmmandiri@, Contact Person: + 62-21 081316644333 ( Mrs. Suzan) , Technical: 085715862361, 082245529409 ( Mr. Ahmad)
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LBS 630A, 24 kV, 16 kA - Unisarc
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Cara PembayaranTransfer Bank (T/T)
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The LBS is a three phase air ` puffer` load break switch. On each phase, the cylindrical moving contact also acts as an air piston during opening.The fixed contact on the incoming terminal includes an arc conductor rod which channels the arcing plasma to within the air piston after the main contacts are seperated. The compressed air generated by the moving contact/ air piston in the opening motion then blows, deionizes and extinguishes the arc.

The three phases are mounted on a chasis which also mounts a fault-making earth switch. The LBS is also built to house HV HRC fuses. A stored energy mechanism on the LBS allows for shunt tripping and fuse triggered tripping. The LBS can be manually operated or motor operated.

Every unit of LBS is built with an interlock mechanism which ensures proper operational sequence between the load break switch, the earth switch and the access to the service cubicle of the panel


Rated voltage ( kV) 12 17.5 24
Rated current ( A) 400/ 630 400/ 630 400/ 630
Frequency ( Hz) 50-60 50-60 50-60
Apply voltage 50Hz/ 1min ( kV) 42 48 50
Impulse test voltage ( kV) 85 95 125
Short circuit breaking capacity ( wtih fuses) ( kA) 50 50 50
Overload breaking capacity ( of contacts only) ( A) 1600 1300 1000
No load transformer breaking capacity ( A) 16 20 25
No load cable breaking capacity ( A) 10 16 25
Rated short-time current ( kA/ sec) 20/ 2 20/ 2 20/ 2
Making capacity ( kA) 50 50 50
Dielectric strength for earth switch ( kA/ sec) 20/ 2 20/ 2 20/ 2
Mechanical life ( C-O cycles) 4000 4000 4000
Electrical life at nomimal current ( C-O cycles) 500 400 300
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